1984 – Photo Call

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1984 – Photo Call
A photo taken in the old council hut where the band used to rehearse.

Front Row Left to Right
Charlie Piggot (Bass), Dick Selmer (Bass), Albert Wallace (Euphonium), Rachel Cappman (Percussion), Nick Carter ( MD), Zoe Austen (Baritone), Julie Burchett (Euphonium),  Jane Austen (Bass).

Middle Row Left to Right
John Hunt (Cornet), Betty Moore (Cornet), Chris Cannings (Cornet), Trevor Smith (Cornet), Tony Smith (Cornet), Rosemary Gower (Cornet), Fred Smithers (Cornet), Caroline Apps (Cornet), ?  (Cornet), ?  (Cornet), Peter Evans (Flugel Horn).

Back Row Left to Right
Des Franks (Trombone), Amanda Ford (Trombone),  ? (Tenor Horn), Alan Smithers (Tenor Horn), Roy Sykes (Tenor Horn), Harry Finch (Baritone), Dick Dengate (Baritone),  Charlie ? (Baritone), Doug Marchant (Trombone), J. Routh (Trombone)

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