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Cornet Players Wanted

Old, young, advanced, novice – it simply doesn’t matter just as long as you have an interest and enjoy playing a wide and varied range of music.

Sadly the band has lost a number of its cornet players in recent months, mainly due to players moving out of the area or taking jobs that mean they will be unavailable. Despite advertising for several months now we are still seeking cornet players to take both front and back row positions.

If you are interested please get in contact even if you have never played in a band. We are a friendly band who enjoy rehearsals (most of the time) and find it a very rewarding experience and we are sure you will too.

Instruments will be provided.

All players are most welcome so you don’t have to be a cornet player to join. Simply contact David Newsom on 01892 540196 to find out more information.

Do you know a cornet player ?

Ask them to get in touch

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