The Milk House, Sissinghurst

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The Milk House, Sissinghurst
Another super performance from this years concert programme, this time at The Milk House in Sissinghurst. We had lots of excellent audience comments from a local venue we had not played at before. Audience and band enjoyed picturesque country views together the warm”ish” weather made for a very enjoyable evening.

Thanks to Andy Ralph, Alan Bristow and Peter Steer for depping and David Beeken for sorting out the lighting.

Here’s a short recording of “Lets Face the Music and Dance” from the evenings proceedings.

Great tunes, great evening & against all odds some great British summer weather!

One thought on “The Milk House, Sissinghurst

  1. I was at your concert in the garden of the Milk House in Sissinghurst in June.
    I loved it!!!

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