Compact Disc Recordings

On-Line and Social Media


Our Youtube Channel

Our channel has over 340 videos and recordings, ranging from a few short excerpts taken from concerts in the early 2000's through to full HD whole concert performances from the 2020s.
We have benefited from numerous audience members and friends and family who have shared their recordings with us so please get in touch if you have any footage you think we may be interested in.
We have also digitised some of the contest recordings from the early 1990s for posterity.

Why not have a listen to a few tracks and subscribe to keep abreast of updates.


Cranbrook Town Band and Friends on Facebook

For a more informal chat and update on band news, join our facebook group.


Our Photo Archives

All of our photos, press cuttings, posters and historic programmes are held on this fabulous photo sharing service. If you are interested in seeing many more photos of the band and its activities over the years than we can display on the website, this is the place to go.

Photo Galleries

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