Thinking about coming along ?

We welcome all players regardless of age or ability.

We already have a good mix of ages including a number of youngsters just starting their playing career and the odd old timer who started playing before valves were available on modern instruments (well not quite, but they have been around a fair while).

We often have players join us for a rehearsal or two while on holiday in the area, or players who have picked up their instrument for the first time in years come along for a blow. So why not do the same.
If your still not sure, why not come along and listen for a while or have a chat with the chairman.
The only pre-requisite is an ability to withstand the conductors bad jokes.

Young Players

Children of a school age whose parents do not wish them to be up late are welcome to attend the first half of the rehearsal only, should parents want to pick them up early the band have a rehearsal break around 9:00pm.

Parents are welcome to stay during rehearsal, but should note that there are space limitations in the rehearsal room.

It may be possible for some children to be picked up by other parents when they collect their own children from the band room, depending on area. Please ask about this if you find it difficult to pick up or bring your child to band.

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