Music from our Concerts, Contests & Rehearsals

We have a number of YouTube clips featuring musical performances from many of our recent concerts. You can view the clips from our web site by selecting the concert or track below. Alternatively you can visit YouTube and Soundcloud and search for files uploaded by ctbonline.

PlayTitle TrackViewsYearConcertGenre

Barber of Seville
1993Children in Need ConcertClassical
Cornets A Go Go !1993Children in Need ConcertCornet Feature : With Chris Cannings, Rose Gower, Fred Smithers, Mark Hayman & Guy Franklin
Cortege from Mlada
1993Children in Need ConcertFilm/TV&Shows
Mr Jums
1993Children in Need ConcertLight Concert Music
Music For A Festival
1993Children in Need ConcertContest Piece
One Moment in Time
1993Children in Need ConcertFilm/TV&Shows
Ravenswood1993Children in Need ConcertMarch
Rhapsody For Trombone
1993Children in Need ConcertTrombone Solo : Colin Reid
When I Walk Alone
1993Children in Need ConcertTrombone Solo : Colin Reid
Your Song
[youtube_view_count id="iDCKnbEw2x0"]1993Children in Need ConcertHorn Solo : Alan Smithers
Amazing Grace
1994Children in Need ConcertTraditional
1994Children in Need ConcertClassical
Bolivar1994Children in Need ConcertTrombone Solo : Colin Reid
Born Free
1994Children in Need ConcertFilm/TV&Shows
Centaur[youtube_view_count id="SJtJA5o6CdM"]1994Children in Need ConcertMarch
Cornet Carilon1994Children in Need ConcertCornet Feature
Dancin on the Sea Shore1994Children in Need ConcertLight Concert Music
1994Children in Need ConcertContest Piece
Harry James Trumpet Concerto
[youtube_view_count id="UAuh1R0MKGE"]1994Children in Need ConcertCornet Solo : Ian Lanceley
He Aint Heavy, He's my Brother
[youtube_view_count id="qo1GIt5rGmE"]1994Children in Need ConcertHorn Solo : Alan Smithers
1994Children in Need ConcertHymn
Mr Jums
1994Children in Need ConcertLight Concert Music
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves
1994Children in Need ConcertFilm/TV&Shows
Ruby Tuesday
1994Children in Need ConcertPop
Strike up the Band
1994Children in Need ConcertLight Concert Music
Think of Me
1994Children in Need ConcertFilm/TV&Shows
With You I'm Born Again1994Children in Need ConcertFlugel Horn Solo : Sian
[youtube_view_count id="GxvXP6YSnfM"]2007Children in Need ConcertJazz
Chorale & Rockout[youtube_view_count id="ZspgQbJFE9Q"]2007Children in Need ConcertLight Concert Music
Cornets A Go Go ![youtube_view_count id="jbbNWH24-bs"]2007Children in Need ConcertCornet Feature : Sharon McCallum, Andy Hill, Richard Warren & Rose Gower
Georgia on My Mind[youtube_view_count id="qyhRj5qN0W8"]2007Children in Need ConcertCornet Solo : Andy Hill
Horizons[youtube_view_count id="awCQzDNcytw"]2007Children in Need ConcertLight Concert Music
Hymns of Praise[youtube_view_count id="gqNpaWT_caY"]2007Children in Need ConcertHymn
My Old Kentucky Home[youtube_view_count id="XG8v2ssXyxQ"]2007Children in Need ConcertEuphonium Solo : David Newsom
Sandpaper Ballet[youtube_view_count id="674u325FDTE"]2007Children in Need ConcertFeaturing : Sharon McCallum & Colin Batt
Vitae Lux[youtube_view_count id="9gtswTGzEAA"]2007Children in Need ConcertTraditional
A Night in Havana[youtube_view_count id="1UJdKXCjx2U"]2008Children in Need ConcertEuphonium Solo : David Newsom
Abba Goes Brass
[youtube_view_count id="ee45yRLPP2Y"]2008Children in Need ConcertPop
[youtube_view_count id="jqiGmqzSej4"]2008Children in Need ConcertHorn Solo : Alan Smithers
Basin Street Blues2008Children in Need ConcertTrombone Trio, Colin, Hazel & Johnathon
Be Still For the Presence of the Lord

[youtube_view_count id="QJQI7u6dnHY"]2008Aled Jones BBC 2 Radio BroadcastHymn
Breezin Down Broadway
2008Children in Need ConcertFilm/TV&Shows
Bring Him Home
[youtube_view_count id="nopW4-G9jwI"]2008Children in Need ConcertHorn Solo : Alan Smithers
Death or Glory2008Children in Need ConcertMarch
2008Children in Need ConcertTraditional
Nellie the Elephant
2008Children in Need ConcertBass Solo : Geoff Collins
Waltzin Matilda
2008Children in Need ConcertPop
2008Children in Need ConcertFilm/TV&Shows
America / Love on the Rocks[youtube_view_count id="B3ThOTM-hfs"]2009Children in Need ConcertCornet Solo : Richard Warren
An Untold Story[youtube_view_count id="wm0hMkF4MkE"]2009Children in Need ConcertHorn Solo : Alan Smithers
Dream Catchers[youtube_view_count id="dgfkv6FKK8E"]2009Children in Need ConcertLight Concert Music
Everybody Needs Somebody[youtube_view_count id="zn2rUGSUSes"]2009Children in Need ConcertFilm / Theme
Horizons[youtube_view_count id="79GLqqShwDY"]2009Children in Need ConcertLight Concert Music
[youtube_view_count id="y-72JQJc1v0"]2009All Saints ChurchPartial Recording
Let there be Praise[youtube_view_count id="TiPn0mstqVo"]2009Children in Need ConcertSalvation Army
Lets Face the Music & Dance[youtube_view_count id="bYf9kap6fCE"]2009Children in Need ConcertFilm/TV&Shows
Meet the Flintstones[youtube_view_count id="bT9Gbwog0iI"]2009Children in Need ConcertFilm/TV&Shows
Mongolian Folk Tune[youtube_view_count id="P5RexL6cGXA"]2009Children in Need ConcertTraditional
Rhapsody for Euphonium[youtube_view_count id="TqLcghgzmR0"]2009Children in Need ConcertEuphonium Solo : David Newsom
Saying Goodbye[youtube_view_count id="zwAXz-EaFXA"]2009Children in Need ConcertPop
Sunset[youtube_view_count id="MdgnR7mjx7w"]2009Children in Need ConcertFeaturing Solo Cornet : Richard Warren
Swingtime Reigion[youtube_view_count id="xgIqEjrr5cY"]2009Children in Need ConcertFeaturing Soprano Cornet : Bob Turner
The Ashokan Farewell[youtube_view_count id="mrmQZpjY-jA"]2009Children in Need ConcertTraditional
The Wind Beneath My Wings[youtube_view_count id="vxtfLzah8cg"]2009Children in Need ConcertFilm/TV&Shows
Trumpet Concerto[youtube_view_count id="tM7dzUI71Lo"]2009Children in Need ConcertCornet Solo : Vicky Mace
Und Ein Beer[youtube_view_count id="_5k2zwmrXGE"]2009Children in Need ConcertTrombone Solo : Colin Batt
1812 Overture
[youtube_view_count id="hRB8YAM-q10"]2010Children in Need ConcertClassical
Aces High[youtube_view_count id="kzfcAG5pNYY"]2010Children in Need ConcertMarch
Chorale & Toccata
2010Children in Need ConcertConcert Performance of Contest Piece
[youtube_view_count id="5fr9yzhUCWs"]2010Children in Need ConcertHorn Solo : Alan Smithers
Grandfather's Clock
[youtube_view_count id="45SUR6eI4f8"]2010Children in Need ConcertEuphonium Solo : David Newsom
Haven't Met You Yet
2010Children in Need ConcertPop
Keep Smiling Through
2010Children in Need ConcertTraditional
Radetsky March
2010Children in Need ConcertMarch
The Carnival of Venice
[youtube_view_count id="Rk36T9z4Bdo"]2010Rehearsal with John HudsonCornet Solo : John Hudson
Tico Tico
[youtube_view_count id="oKSLxWRHmPc"]2010Children in Need ConcertCornet Solo : Richard Warren
Wade in the Water
2010Children in Need ConcertSalvation Army
Teddy Bears Picnic
[youtube_view_count id="Sx7AOS6IYuA"]2011
Egerton Music FestivalBass Solo : Geoff Collins
A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square
[youtube_view_count id="LyyrbrDQKxM"]2011Egerton Music FestivalTraditional
Barber of Seville
[youtube_view_count id="lkR3sj1dQEM"]2011Egerton Music FestivalClassical
Bohemian Rhapsody
[youtube_view_count id="EoYtxhDvMwc"]2011Egerton Music FestivalPop
[youtube_view_count id="bhWkrAOQmJA"]2011Egerton Music FestivalEuphonium Solo : David Newsom
Castell Coch[youtube_view_count id="uTqeFF8NDHQ"]2011Egerton Music FestivalMarch
Don’t it Make My Brown Eyes Blue
[youtube_view_count id="JBnyLarsppw"]2011Sevenoaks BandstandCornet Solo : Vicky Mace
Haven't Met You Yet
[youtube_view_count id="enfX2fSFpy8"]2011Egerton Music FestivalPop
Nous Blue
[youtube_view_count id="uEbbn8JdaOM"]2011Egerton Music FestivalJazz : Arranged by Colin Batt, Ad-lib solo : Bob Turner
All By Myself
[youtube_view_count id="YN3dos7SotY"]2013Children in Need ConcertHorn Solo : Alan Smithers
Castell Coch[youtube_view_count id="Zfo35i3smJE"]2013scaba Spring Contest 2nd Section Winning MarchMarch
soundcloudChildren of Sanchez2013Children in Need ConcertCornet Solo : Richard Warren
Death or Glory[youtube_view_count id="3aY7pzhxf9k"]2013Children in Need ConcertMarch
Gonna Fly Now
[youtube_view_count id="wj2EcfB8dpU"]2013Children in Need ConcertFilm/TV&Shows
I Dreamed a Dream
[youtube_view_count id="Rw8puLMW_ic"]2013Children in Need ConcertCornet Solo : Vicky Mace
Jurassic Park[youtube_view_count id="s-xhRSi-gyA"]2013Children in Need ConcertFilm/TV&Shows
Lord of the Rings
[youtube_view_count id="eEw685SvHjo"]2013Children in Need ConcertFilm/TV&Shows
Love is all Around
[youtube_view_count id="DfhV3ESXTLw"]2013Children in Need ConcertTrombone Solo : Colin Batt
Meet the Flintstones
[youtube_view_count id="THYzFMy0C2s"]2013Children in Need ConcertFilm/TV&Shows
Mission Impossible
[youtube_view_count id="PEu6UYysAM0"]2013Children in Need ConcertFilm/TV&Shows
My Favourite Things
[youtube_view_count id="tWuCgyO4ARM"]2013Children in Need ConcertFilm/TV&Shows
New World Sketches
[youtube_view_count id="2vW8Qq0H1NE"]2013scaba Spring Contest2nd Section Winning Performance
Out of Africa
[youtube_view_count id="jrJrgcoPHq4"]2013Children in Need ConcertFilm/TV&Shows
[youtube_view_count id="1-BzXTEGcAU"]2013Children in Need ConcertFilm/TV&Shows
The Lion King
[youtube_view_count id="g5F4FZ053-w"]2013Children in Need ConcertFilm/TV&Shows
The Way We Were

[youtube_view_count id="3anaPVJJlV4"]2013Children in Need ConcertEuphonium Solo : David Newsom
Softly As I Leave You
[youtube_view_count id="tMsl8zzjlho"]2014Demelza Concert , Queens Hall, CranbrookEuphonium Duet : David Newsom with guest Soloist David Childs
soundcloudThose Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines
Goudhurst Church, with Kilndown ChoirFilm/TV&Shows
Aces High

[youtube_view_count id="d_YX5Cd4SLw"]2015Demelza Concert Queens Hall, CranbrookMarch
soundcloudAll Night Long
2015Goudhurst ChurchPop
All Night Long
[youtube_view_count id="km-aJxt75PM"]2015Demelza Concert Queens Hall, CranbrookPop
Autumn Leaves[youtube_view_count id="BVQp43XW57g"]2015Demelza Concert, Queens Hall, CranbrookHorn Solo : Alan Smithers
soundcloudBenedictus2015Goudhurst Church with Kilndown ChoirEuphonium Solo : David Newsom
soundcloudChorale & Rockout2015Goudhurst ChurchLight Concert Music
soundcloudColours of the Wind
2015Goudhurst Church, With Kilndown ChoirFilm/TV&Shows
Cortege from Mlada
[youtube_view_count id="s6dCwPr2X0A"]2015Demelza Concert, Queens Hall, CranbrookFilm/TV&Shows
Deep Inside the Sacred temple
[youtube_view_count id="bQLun27PDQM"]2015Demelza Concert, Queens HallSoloists : David Newsom & Phil Godden
Don't Doubt Him
[youtube_view_count id="NkehTU930mw"]2015Demelza Concert Queens Hall, Cranbrook, Cornet Solo : Vicky Mace
soundcloudFantasy on British Sea Songs
2015Goudhurst Church, with Kilndown ChoirTraditional
2015Goudhurst Church, with Kilndown ChoirMarch
[youtube_view_count id="g8m1cBD5MN4"]2015Demelza Concert Queens Hall, CranbrookMarch
2015Goudhurst Church, with Kilndown ChoirLight Concert Music
James Bond Collection
[youtube_view_count id="mlAssO81as8"]2015Demelza Concert Queens Hall, CranbrookFilm/TV&Shows
2015Goudhurst Church, With Kilndown ChoirTraditional
soundcloudLast Train Home
2015Goudhurst Church, with Kilndown ChoirLight Concert Music
Let there be Praise
[youtube_view_count id="Qb5nP-GqqFc"]2015Demelza Concert Queens Hall, CranbrookSalvation Army
Live and Let Die
[youtube_view_count id="DxcOGP4e7eE"]2015Demelza Concert, Queens Hall, CranbrookSoprano Solo : Bob Turner
[youtube_view_count id="Rk7ioAscWZY"]2015Demelza Concert Queens Hall, CranbrookCornet Solo : Richard Warren
Mr Jums
[youtube_view_count id="nG9oil5tT88"]2015Demelza Concert Queens Hall, CranbrookLight Concert Music
soundcloudPomp & Circumstance No 1.
2015Goudhurst Church, with Kilndown ChoirTraditional
RAF March
[youtube_view_count id="G8Oztki8ZzA"]2015Demelza Concert Queens Hall, Cranbrook
[youtube_view_count id="ko1lWbK5h0w"]2015Demelza Concert Queens Hall, CranbrookFilm/TV&Shows
soundcloudStar Wars
2015Goudhurst Church, With Kilndown ChoirFilm/TV&Shows
Strictly Come Dancing Theme
[youtube_view_count id="iNOcw5cEoyA"]2015Demelza Concert Queens Hall, CranbrookFilm/TV&Shows
[youtube_view_count id="pMx0dS15NAU"]2015Demelza Concert Queens Hall, CranbrookFeaturing Solo Cornet : Richard Warren
Swing Low[youtube_view_count id="SBfaqqLe3Fs"]2015Demelza Concert Queens Hall, CranbrookBass Solo : Geoff Collins
[youtube_view_count id="kZ_-LhEtO7I"]2015 Demelza Concert, Queens Hall, CranbrookJazz
Can Can
[youtube_view_count id="J5La1xeHOzc"]2016Goudhurst ChurchFilm/TV&Shows
Cute[youtube_view_count id="RwwEMuPFBww"]2016Goudhurst ChurchJazz
Deep Inside the Sacred Temple
[youtube_view_count id="-2qRAUOWuUc"]2016Goudhurst ChurchSoloists : David Newsom & Phil Godden
Do You Hear the People Sing[youtube_view_count id="t8fHbmy08OQ"]2016Goudhurst Church, with Kilndown ChoirFilm/TV&Shows
Fantasy on British Sea Songs
[youtube_view_count id="uw1ppBGr5n4"]2016Goudhurst Church, with Kilndown ChoirTraditional
Fire and Flame
[youtube_view_count id="AqdVi0a9w2w"]2016Goudhurst Church, with Kilndown ChoirLight Concert Music
La Marseillaise
[youtube_view_count id="BNIWBsAsGBw"]2016Goudhurst Church, with Kilndown ChoirNational Anthem
On My Own
[youtube_view_count id="_7B-GHBCiD4"]2016Goudhurst ChurchHorn Solo : Alan Smithers
Saint Saens Variations
[youtube_view_count id="Mupa2jST5II"]2016Goudhurst Church, with Kilndown ChoirConcert performance of Contest Piece
Shepherds Song
[youtube_view_count id="AcmNmPFX-vg"]2016Goudhurst Church, with Kilndown ChoirTraditional
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