Wealden Times Mid-Summer Fair

Wealden Times Mid-Summer Fair

On a very hot Saturday afternoon where temperatures were reaching the high 20s (Degrees C) the band were lucky enough to be playing under a marquee so were mostly out of the direct sunshine. We were playing from 1.30pm to 3.30pm with our usual half time break of 20 minutes.

Luckily some of the high-ups who run the band decided that ties and jackets could remain in their covers and as we did last year, we played in shirts only. Despite this forgoing of normal standards, the front row cornets who were being bolstered by Pip from the backrow to cover absences, decided that they would further degrade long standing band rules by imbibing alcohol on the “stage”. They then had the nerve to complain that the “heat” was making them dizzy. We think it was the lack of lemonade in their Pims !

It was another good concert despite the heat and the audience enjoyed a lively and upbeat programme.

More about the venue – https://www.holepark.com/

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